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Protests Prompt Hong Kong Lawyers to Consider Beijing's Mandates

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in recent weeks to call for electoral reform, but so far the Chinese government has yet to budge. So what recourse, if any, does the city's legal community have in its own potential disagreements with Beijing?


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    Three Firms Lead Medibank's $4.8B Australian IPO

    By Tom Brennan

    The Australian government, Medibank's sole shareholder, plans to sell its entire holding in order to raise money for infrastructure investment.

  • Europe

    Covington Gets Qualcomm Call, Loses Two Litigators

    By Brian Baxter

    Wireless technology company Qualcomm tapped Covington & Burling to advise on its proposed $2.5 billion acquisition of CSR, a British chipmaker known for its Bluetooth technology. At the same time, the firm saw two top litigators handling Deepwater Horizon-related oil spill work for BP depart its Beltway base for Kirkland & Ellis.

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  • Europe

    Catholic Bishops Press EU on Conflict Minerals

    By Sue Reisinger

    Some 70 Catholic bishops and a global Catholic development agency are urging the European Union to make proposed rules for so-called conflict minerals binding on companies, rather than seeking voluntary compliance.

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    From the Experts: What to Do When the Chinese Government Comes Knocking

    By Steve Olson and Bingna Guo

    Since becoming President and General Secretary of China's Communist Party in 2012, Xi Jinping has made fighting corruption—both in the government and in commerce—a national priority. As recent events demonstrate, a foreign passport will not deter Chinese authorities in their fight against corruption.

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