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The U.K.'s Modern Slavery Act Fuels New Practice in Asia

Law firms don't have to relegate their anti-human trafficking efforts to pro bono any more. A new reporting requirement has paying clients turning to lawyers for help in improving labor conditions and supply chain transparency in Asia.

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  • Latin America

    Luck Turns for Brazilian Tourist Suing Security Guards

    By Celia Ampel

    A Brazilian tourist's case against Miami Beach security guards is reinstated after he shows he made a good-faith effort to return to the U.S. for the civil assault trial.

  • Emerging Markets

    Damages Judgment Clears Way for Arab Bank Appeal

    By Andrew Keshner

    A federal judge entered a $100 million damages award in a terrorism financing case against Arab Bank but paused enforcement, clearing the way for the bank to appeal an underlying liability verdict.

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