Asian Lawyer

Spotlight: Pillsbury Winthrop Dares to Be Different

One year after opening a Hong Kong office with a niche aviation finance practice, the firm has managed to turn a profit in the highly competitive market.

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  • Europe

    Some Nazi-Era Art Cases Are Easy—But Not This One

    By Jenna Greene

    When it comes to disputes over the ownership of artwork that changed hands during the Nazi era, it’s hard not to sympathize with the plaintiffs—descendants of Jews who were persecuted or slaughtered during the Holocaust. But a case pending in the Southern District of New York tests just how far those claims can go.

  • Emerging Markets

    Joining a Global Movement, Canadian Group Recommends Adopting DPAs

    By Sue Reisinger

    The Canadian division of the anti-corruption group Transparency International has recommended that Canada join a global movement toward adopting deferred prosecution agreements for dealing with corporate crime.

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